Some may say that the movie industry is dying and that years ago there were many more film-loving audiences,  the reality is that the Internet is killing movie theaters and not cinema. People are still interested in movies  and they like to watch these works that tell them stories sometimes of dreams and often of reality which take them on beautiful journeys..but they prefer to watch them at home lying on their beds or sofas with the computer overheating on their knees better than to go and see them in a movie theater where they find themselves sitting on tight and on uncomfortable seats. After those long days of work, in which everyone runs in all directions,  the public no longer wants to make the effort of moving since the alternative is there and the Internet offers all kind of movies you could watch. That’s why we find ourselves with fewer audiences in the cinemas and that’s why new ideas have begun to appear in order to recover this audience.

Who has never dreamed of being able to watch a movie while lying down but in the movie theater?  It is now possible to live this experience at least for once when going to one of those special theaters with their  incredible bed seats. For the greatest pleasure of all those who like to feel at home when they are in the movie theater, this concept was created to fulfill your wish :  just lie down and enjoy this list of movie theaters with bed seats that we’ve prepared just for you ! So where can we find them ?

The Electric Cinema – London 

The Electric Cinema - London

In London, in the chic district of Notting Hill, a cinema was designed to meet the expectations of the wealthiest. It is called The Electric Cinema and has an extraordinary room: six double beds placed in the first row and three double sofas at the back of the room. This movie theater with bed seats was created in 1911 and had to close its doors to better reopen with these famous beds and sofas.  The double beds are at 74 euros each (or 37 euros per person) while the sofas are at 55 euros (or 27.5 euros per person). If you do not care to be on a bed or sofa, it will cost you 22 euros to be at the normal place. With its six double beds and three XXL sofas, there is a risk of falling asleep rather  than enjoying the movie session. This movie theater with bed seats is one the most famous ones all over the world. 

France – Paris / Marseille : 

At the origin of the concept, there is the French director Luc Besson who thought of a new form of movie theater where a ticket at a certain amount, certainly more expensive than the usual price, gives you access to movie theatres up-of-range where the seats, all dressed in leather, are extra wide and reclining. Besson’s experience which started with Europacorp cinema became an idea adopted by some movie theatre owners and it started since then to spread.  

The Olympia Music Hall – Paris

The Olympia Music Hall – Paris

is located in the French capital. Far from being banal, this movie theater does not have chairs, but large comfortable beds. The spectator would be so relaxed that it would be so difficult to take off when the film is finished. Given the comfort offered by this really exceptional cinema room, the spectator  may plunge into a deep sleep easily

Cinema Gaumont Pathé Europacorp La Joliette – Marseille

Cinema Gaumont Pathé Europacorp La Joliette - Marseille

The Cinema Gaumont Pathé Europacorp La Joliette in Marseille has associated with the famous mattress brand Tediber to open a room unlike any other. This movie theater with bed seats offers an unusual room where movie buffs can now enjoy a premium projection comfortably laid out on incredible Tediber mattresses instead of the usual red chairs. The Cinemas Pathé Gaumont have the will to propose an original room where everything is thought out in the smallest details. Indeed, the beds are slightly inclined, thus allowing the upper part of the body to be oriented towards the screen and thus avoiding the least torticolis. For more relaxation, the lucky ones who will test this innovative experience will also find a plaid to cover themselves during the session.

Pathé – Aargau 

 Pathé - Aargau

The multinational Pathé brought this concept to Switzerland and opened  a multiplex not like the others in Spreitenbach, in Aargau . This movie theater with bed seats established by Pathé had replaced the traditional red armchairs by  double bed and giant sofas. Everything was designed to make the spectator feel at home. But feeling at home when being in the movie theater has a price: it is  about fifty Swiss francs per person. 

Buda Bed cinema – Budapest 

 Buda Bed cinema  – Budapest

Opened in 2014 and called Buda Bed cinema,  this Hungarian movie theater with bed seats can boast of standing out from the others: it is the only cinema in Europe where all the cinemas are fully equipped with king size double beds.  Watching a movie at Buda Bed Cinema would be a unique experience as luxury imposes itself and gives the spectator a feeling of relaxation that he might never have felt anywhere else.

L’Amour « Hô Chi Minh » Vietnam

L'Amour « Hô Chi Minh »  - Vietnam

Located in Vietnam, the L’Amour « Hô Chi Minh » movie theater with bed seats  has a luxurious room equipped with 12 large beds, widely spaced, and equipped with no less than a dozen cushions and some blankets. And between each bed, a small partition brings a touch of privacy to the spectators. 

Blitz Megaplex – Jakarta

Blitz Megaplex - Jakarta

Blitz Megaplex in Jakarta is not a cinema like any other. In this movie theater, the seats have been removed to be replaced by super comfortable beds with blankets, cushions and bedside tables. The decor is a little sober, perfect to plunge the spectators directly into the film they watch and and give them the comfort to relax in front of the screen.

Gold Class Movies – Sydney  

Gold Class Movies – Sydney

For some years, the australo-American group Village Roadshow specialized in cinema design,  has been working hard to create luxurious locations, under the sweet name of “Gold Class Movies“, located in shopping centres on the outskirts of major cities such as Sydney and Perth.  The spectators could enjoy watching movies at 35 dollars a session with seats that bow in which they feel better than on their living room sofas or in their beds . And every movie theater has a menu.

The Enigma Theater – Bangkok 

The Enigma Theater – Bangkok

The Enigma Theater located at Paragon Cineplex is one of the most expensive and luxurious movie theaters in Bangkok. Entering this movie theater with bed seats  the spectator tests a particular experience of the seventh art in one of thirty five sofas-beds in which he will feel more relaxed than ever. Drinks and aperitifs are also served next to the seats.

The destinations mentioned throughout the article are only some names from  a long list of original and different movie theatres scattered around the world and which offer audiences not only a simple projection but unusual atmospheres and services that they cannot find elsewhere. Despite the fact that these movie theaters with bed seats seem to come in response to the needs of the cinematographic public who prefer to relax even when watching the film in a movie theater, no one can deny the commercial side of their creation.  Those movie theaters with bed seats are considered as VIP places designed more for tourists and wealthy people than for the real cinema audiences who wants to see movies. It is the experience of watching the film in such conditions and in such a room that often counts more than the film itself and that’s why these movie theaters with bed seats are not always a plus for the projection of a cinematographic work. Many movie lovers never knew such secret places existed! Have you been in one of these movie theaters listed above ? if yes tell us about it in the comment section to learn more about the details !