Many movie theaters are serving alcohol at their movie theater, which is convenient for you to enjoy the film. You will now be able to enjoy movie theaters that serve alcohol & their big screens. Trust us! Sometimes nothing is better than sitting back and watching a movie with some snacks and an icy beer.

This is a list of movie theaters with alcohol drinks in the united states:

1. Nitehawk Cinema

As the first dine-in theater in New York, Nitehawk has high standards to live up to and is doing a great job at delivering a curated gem of cinema. This theater has a unique pre-show experience because the seating is first come/first serve, opening 30 minutes before the show starts. The prices for tickets and food & drink options at Nitehawk are lower than other luxury cinemas, making it a good place to enjoy a movie, a meal, and some beverages.

2. Studio Movie Grill

A dine-in movie theater with luxury seats you reserve ahead of time, and a full menu and bar for when you’re watching the movie are some of the perks of Studio Movie Grill. During the spring and summer, the theater offers a children’s summer series, a special date night series, and screening room rentals for movies. With locations across the country, this theater has something for everyone.

3. Showcase SuperLuxe

There are so many benefits of checking out the SuperLuxe! With a full menu, full bar, and amazing reclining seats, this California theater is sure to satisfy your craving for something new. There’s nothing quite like ordering food and watching a movie at your favorite movie theater. You can easily catch the attention of the staff and bring you delicious dishes while enjoying your movie theater’s alcohol. This theater is more comfortable than your average theater.If you’re in Boston, you’ll probably want to check out this theater in the city. It’s the only luxury theater in a decent-sized area – close enough from anywhere

4. The Brew and View

Chicago has this theater that serve delicious food & drinks, but only “The Room Theater” is dedicated to providing cult classics & drinks. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a film- night in. If you want to be more comfortable, you can grab some pizza and White Castle sliders in the theater, relax, and enjoy your favorite movie or game next time it comes on.

5. Star Cinema Grill

Star Cinema Grill has locations all over Texas and Illinois, with different pricing you won’t find anywhere else. This movie theater with a bar and a full menu match perfectly the sights & sounds of your favorite films plus an unbeatable price point. Texas college students are taking advantage of discounts and matinee prices to go out in theaters across the state.

6. AMC Dine-in Theatres

AMC Theaters in a new way that makes it easier for people in different parts of the country to go to movies and enjoy proper movie watching, dining, and viewing and beer drinking. With theaters located in Georgia, California, and many other states, AMC has an assortment of viewing options for moviegoers. Options range from family-style to 21+ for those who are looking for movie theatres that serve alcohol.

7. Cinépolis Theaters

In Mexico, Cinépolis theaters offers three types of moviegoing options, determined on how luxurious your experience would be. In Florida and California they offer auditorium style setups with IMAX films. If you’re looking for luxurious seating, private waitstaff that will deliver your food and serve alcohol during the run of the movie, then this may be the theater you’re looking for. They also have 3D viewing here which gives you an even more exciting cinematic experience.

8. iPic Theaters

iPic Theaters is one of the most luxurious dine-in theater chains with 15 locations throughout the country. It offers its VIP Seating with blankets to keep you cozy as you watch a movie at the top of your comfort level. Yes, that’s true! It’s possible for you to relax and watch movies while you’re getting lunch and drinks brought to you.

9. Central Cinema

You found what you were looking for easily. It sounds like an excellent place to catch a movie! This theater offers fun happy hours, seating on comfy sofas, discounts on tickets if you get them in advance, and an exclusive bonus: it’s the only dine-in theater in the city. This is definitely a must visit!

10. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Alamo Drafthouse’s small business philosophy is that creating a pre-film experience that doesn’t have commercials would attract an early screening crowd. They also provide alcoholic drinks and food from their bar & restaurant. When you want to see a movie in the theater, one of the most popular and appreciated features in Alamo Drafthouse is their in-house ordering experience. It caters to both traditional and nontraditional theatergoers. The way to get your meals from a restaurant would be to ask for them on your phone. Just write your order on a card to let the server know what you want! You won’t have to worry about trying to catch someone’s attention.

11. Frank Theatres CineBowl and Grille

Frank Theatres CineBowl and Grill offers more than just movie theater entertainment. If you want the ultimate in cinema & food choices, try bowling ! While you can’t actually bowl in the theater (it would get pretty loud in there),You can go to the bowling alley before or after seeing a movie. Not only does it offer some entertainment, but it also offers food and drinks. This is the perfect place for entertainment on a rainy day. It has locations all over the East Coast.

12. Movie Tavern

Another theater in Colorado that has comfy seats, deluxe dining, and drinks while you watch the movie (and they give you everything you need at an amazing value!). There are a lot of factors that make this theater great, but one is the availability of taking breakfast on the weekends. Breakfast on the weekends comes with mimosas and pancakes!

13. LOOK Cinemas Dallas

Texas has great movie experiences. LOOK Cinemas in Dallas offers an experience that gives guests another luxurious feature, but what makes this location unique is its seating options! You can choose to watch from sofas, armchairs, or power recliners. You will be able to find the perfect experience for your movie night. it is also a movie theater that serves alcohol.

14. Sundance Kabuki Theatre

This San Francisco venue is the perfect place for those over 21 to enjoy a movie and some drinks. alcoholic drinks are available. Sundance Kabuki Cinema is a cheaper movie experience that also provides comfort. It’s perfect for when you’re out of options & don’t want to break the bank.

15. Marcus Theatres

Marcus Theaters offers a wide range of options, which are perfect for any movie goers. Browse the menu to see what type of food you are most looking forward to or check out the theater’s On-The-Go menu! The Dine and watch experience won’t disappoint you. This movie theater is a must visit !

Movie theaters have come a long way from the small, cramped auditoriums of old. Now, almost all movie theaters have seats with a recline and leg rest for a truly comfortable experience. Some also have a bed built in for extra comfort. If you want to discover these movie theaters with bed seats we just wrote an article with the best one in the world !

Sometimes, nothing is better than sitting back to watch a movie blockbuster with an ice-cold alcoholic drink and some snacks. Usually, this can only be done from the comfort of your own home but many movie theaters across the USA are now improving the in-theatre experience. sometimes watching a movie while enjoying your beer it the nicest thing to have at the end of the day !